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EMS Protocol Exam

Please provide your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Describe how you would execute the use of the Protocol you select. In addition, explain you’re rational for choosing the course of treatment for each patient. Be sure to outline the implementation of the complete Protocol.

  1. You have a 29 year old female A/O x 3 having a severe asthma attack. Resp 38/min, low tidal volume,  sat 84% room air, B/P 136/80, pulse 128 strong. Ekg Sinus Tachycardia.
  2. A 25 year old female 37 weeks pregnant who is actively seizing. Vital signs are stable.
  3. 67 year male A/O x 3 with severe left side sub sternal chest pain x 3 hours and no relief with NTG 3. B/P 150/90, Pulse 100, Resp 24 & s.o.b./ EKG S.Tach, 12 lead ST segment depression in v1, v2, v3…..
  4. You have a 58 year old male in full cardiac arrest, EKG-V-Fib.
  5. A 5 year old female who is having a severe anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting.
  6. 80 year old male A/O x 3 with Dyspnea x 10 hours. Resp 34/min (rales & crackles in all lobes) B/P 210/140, pulse 134, EKG Atrial Fibrilation with multifocal PVCs at 12/min. 4 point pedal edema with distended neck veins. Hx of previous MI.
  7. 24 year old male who is unconscious & unresponsive to painful stimuli.  Resp 8/min with low tidal volume, lungs clear, sat 80% room air, B/P 68/34, no radials, weak carotid and thread. EKG is a narrow complex tachycardia at a rate of 236…History of MVP.
  8. 18 year old male with a History of seizures. Patient is having one seizure after the other. The patient’s v/s is stable….
  9. You have a 72 year old male in PEA.

10.  45 year old male in Asystole.

11.  58 year old female c/o s.o.b. x 1 hour. Resp 38 with 02 sat of 86% room air, B/P 70/40, Pulse 36, EKG 3rd degree heart block. History of
Cardiomyopathy with A-Fib…

12.  You have a 60 year old male c/o sub sternal chest pain x 4 hours while in church. Resp 28 with 02 sat of 91% on room air, BBS = clear, B/P 88/58, Pulse of
150 weak and thready, EKG is a wide complex tachycardia (V-Tach)

13.  New onset of right side weakness for a 57 year old female. She is confused to person, place & time. Symptoms began 20 minutes prior to
your arrival. v/s are stable.

14.  You have a 30 year old male with Glucose of 600… He is very stable. A/O x 3..

15.  50 year female unconscious with a Glucose of 18. v/s stable.

16.  Explain the rationale for CPAP. Describe how it helps the patient.

17.  Describe the procedure for Endotracheal Intubation.

18.  You have a patient in PEA who is receiving his Dialysis treatment. 50 year old male…

19.  You have a 3 year old female in V-Fib. 42 lbs….

20.  You have a patient who weighs 250lbs. need a Dopamine drip at 10 mcg/kg…

21.  Describe the dosage, usage and the protocol in detail in which we would consider Versed..

22.  You have a 2 year old in PEA. 37 lbs….

23.  Describe the implementation and the functionality of the ICS.

24.  Should you give any pain meds to a Trauma victim….If so, describe your rationale.

25.  Describe the steps in chronological order for the normal delivery of a full term birth.

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