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To:  Jasper Memorial Hospital

From: EMS Director Jeff Bratcher

Date:  23 May 2010

Subject: Policy for Transport to Jasper Memorial Hospital

As the EMS Director of Jasper County, I am well aware that we have EMS personnel transporting patients to your facility without notifying the Attending Physician prior to arrival.

In an attempt to prevent these incidents in the future, we have instructed all EMS personnel to speak with the Attending Physician prior to arrival.

We will provide the Attending Physician with a complete and concise patient report. Our EMTs and Paramedics have been given strict instructions to provide as much medical information as possible to aid the Attending Physician in his or her decision to accept or decline the transport of the patient to Jasper Memorial Hospital.

Our staff at Jasper County EMS has been educated about the importance of Jasper Memorial Hospital. We are aware of the Excellent Patient Care your staff provides to the citizens of Jasper County. It is our intentions to serve the needs of your facility and the needs of the community.

I can assure each and every one of you that you will see a change in the level of care and professionalism from the staff of Jasper County EMS.

I respectfully request immediate notification if any of our staff is non-compliant with this policy. Should any other concerns arise, please contact me ASAP.

We look forward to serving the needs of Jasper Memorial Hospital.

Sincerely, Jeff Bratcher


Phone: (404) 520-2385

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